The Self-Care Experience

21 days starting: 8th June 2020


If you’re like a lot of women you often fall into people pleasing and put yourself last.

Maybe you're a mama and you feel like you’ve lost your identity and your life revolves around your kids.

Maybe you're working long hours and you put everything into your career and feel like you could burn out at any minute. 

It doesn’t have to be like that!

What if you gave yourself permission to put yourself first for once?  

Filling your cup isn’t selfish beautiful! It is the foundation of a joyful life and it gives permission to other women to feel good enough too.

You are so worth so much more than running on empty, you are full of potential and you deserve to take care of you.

Let’s put it this way, if you keep pushing your self-care to the side you will burn out.

It may feel overwhelming, and like you have no time.  

You don’t even know what you want.  

It doesn’t have to be like this.  

Living for other people isn’t enough. Living for yourself is.  

It's time to give something back to you.

You deserve it!  

It’s time for you to create space for you.  

You owe it to yourself to shower some love on yourself and let some of the weight fall off your shoulders.  

Are you ready to put yourself first for once?

The Self-Care Experience is here.

21 days of self-care designed for you.

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Meet your Life Coach for Women Who Want to Love Their Life

Mala Kennedy Life Coach


I'm a life coach, trained in ontological coaching and EFT. I'm a mama to two gorgeous souls. I know what its like to feel drained and anxious, overwhelmed by working long hours, exhausted from running after babies, I get it. I was adopted and grew up with deep-seated feelings of abandonment and a grandious fear of rejection. I lost my identity and lived as a permanent people pleaser who didn't know myself. After developing vitiligo and becoming a mama I hit rock bottom and felt like their was no point to life. Through my pain I somehow managed to find a glimmer of hope and by clinging to it I slowly inched out of my angst. I started meditating, got sober and dove into self-coaching. I rose from my depression without medication by implementing practical tools and methods to take care of me, and with consistent daily habits and focus on self-love I slowly started to accept myself and love my life.

What's Included:


21 self-care practices to give you back your energy and remind you that you are worthy.


Weekly calls to share your experiences, and receive support and guidance.

self-care coaching program for women mala kennedy


Exclusive access to a private Facebook community for additional support and bonus content.

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